Charter our Beneteau Oceanis 43 in Nieuwpoort

Discover the Channel and the North Sea with this luxury sailing yacht

Charter our Beneteau Oceanis 43 in Nieuwpoort

Discover the Channel and the North Sea with this luxury sailing yacht

Bareboat Charter in Nieuwpoort, Belgium zeilboot huren Nieuwpoort België

"The High Five is a luxury cruiser, and a very fast sailor on which you can truely relax."

Have a wonderful holiday cruise with your whole family

Charter High Five with your family or a group of friends. Children also love it aboard.

There is plenty of room inside for a cot, and kids 3 years and older can play safely in the spacious cockpit.

High Five is designed so that everyone can be together, and have fun sailing.

Zeilboot huren familie

What's required to charter High Five?

The skipper must have:

The most advantageous bareboat charter in Nieuwpoort!

Renting a luxury sailing yacht doesn’t have to be expensive. Discover our advantageous rates.

High Five Guarantee #1: If you find a similar sailing ship on the Belgian coast for a lower rental price, we will match the price.

Day rate

350 from price
  • Sail along the Belgian coastline

Weekend rate

850 from price
  • Sailing to the Netherlands or The UK

Midweek rate

1500 from price
  • Sail to the UK, France or the Netherlands

What's included?

We take care of all the equipment necessary for the sailing trip. This means that there is an approved life jacket and lifeline for everyone.

The ship is approved for commercial use and meets the SOLAS requirements for charter rental. So you can rest assured that the sailing trip will be safe.

The High Five is a luxury cruising yacht. She’s a fast ship that is very comfortable to sail.

Sail to the UK in one weekend, and back again

Charter this sailboat from Nieuwpoort and fulfill your dream: a crossing to England. Leave from Nieuwpoort on Friday evening and arrive in Dover on Saturday morning. Sunday morning you will sail back, and you are back in Nieuwpoort for the evening. On Monday, you have a very tough story to tell at work.

Or charter High Five for an extended period of time, and take a trip along the English coast. The world is open to you.

Zeilen naar Engeland vanuit Nieuwpoort

What if there's a storms and we can't set out?

Everyone longs for a wonderful, sunny weekend with a nice wind and calm waves. But Belgium is of course located on the Channel, so good weather is no guarantee. What if your booked trip falls in the water?

We don’t let anyone go out to sea if it blows harder than 7 Bft. This is not because the ship wouldn’t handle this, but because it’s less safe for the crew.

If it blows harder than 6 bft, you can schedule a new weekend after consoling our team. However, rainy weather and strong winds (up to wind force 6) are not a valid reason to cancel your booking.

Sailing in wind force 6, with rain flowing over your suit is quite adventurous and gives you a special experience, which you will tell about even longer.

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Comments from people who preceded you


“I made five trips with the High Five with Koen as skipper. Every trip was a great adventure (e.g. Atlantic crossing). With every trip I felt perfectly safe on board. The High Five is a fine and reliable boat. And Koen is a fantastic skipper: very skilled, flexible, energetic and passionate.”


A blissful holiday, departing for a week with nine people you don’t know.. and come back with nine real friends, who know each other and accept as they are… Super! Koen, a fantastic skipper, who guided everything in a really nice way, a skipper who exudes confidence and is also more than worth it!!! I’ll definitely travel again this year.


“The sailing tripping I’ve done with the High-five over the years were always fantastic. Sailing and trimming I could already but you have taught me to anticipate in all possible also sometimes very difficult circumstances. The annual fireworks tripping were always top and was also an opportunity to get Katrien on a sailboat if only for the champagne,nice experience to do together. The crossing from Lisabon to Gran Canaria was also a unique experience that I will never forget.”


“A week of life adventure in the Greek Cyclades had! Never to forget. Koen is an excellent skipper. I had a super safe feeling, when I had never sailed. I don’t know otherwise to say… It was just super!”


Fantastic sailing across the canal, the River Orwell and in the picturesque neighbourhood of Ipswich. Admirable with what ease ‘skipper’ Koen leads his High Five past megatankers or wriggles into the most difficult bends and bays. The unique and magical night trip back was the icing on the cake. Pure adventure and fun combined with lived craftsmanship of this skipper… an absolute privilege to be able to experience sailing in this authentic way! Thank you again Koen!


An experience you experience yourself, about which you want to tell afterwards, want to share enthusiastically. The sea, a boat, a crew… enough ingredients for a recipe that tastes like more. Thanks captain it was worth it.


“Was very happy with the immediate respond after looking to go on a sail and aprreciate the pick up at the train station and the drop off at the place where I stayed that night after the sail. Wish I could go on a longer sail with you guys… I love the fact you let me get involved and take the helmet… Hope to step on board and sail with High Five in the future.”

Do the High Five experience gift!

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Bareboat Charter in Nieuwpoort, Belgium zeilboot huren Nieuwpoort België

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