Team building at sea

An experience your team will talk about for a long time to come

Team building at sea

An experience your team will talk about for a long time to come

Teambuildiing op een zeilboot

"Out at sea you can see the impact of teamwork right away. If you sail as one unit, the boat goes a lot faster."

Why team building on a sailboat?

Companies depend on a strong teams that can improve themselves and communicate clearly. The successful team makes a successful company. You can also see the impact of teamwork at sea. Out at sea you can see the impact of teamwork right away. If you sail as one unit, the boat goes a lot faster.

On deck, your team will break down barriers. They find that they can achieve much more than they thought, together . After a day out at sea, your team will be more in tune, communicate better and feel more as one.

teambuilding nieuwpoort zeilen

How does team building work on a sailboat?

What's included?

We take care of all equipment and safety equipment for a safe sailing trip. There is an approved life jacket and a lifeline for everyone.

The ship is approved for commercial use and meets the SOLAS requirements for charter rental. So you can rest assured that the sailing trip will be safe. And of course we make sure that drinks and snacks are present for everyone.

We end this wonderful experience with a glass of champagne for everyone.

What should my team members bring?

At sea you can experience four seasons in one day. It is therefore important that everyone bring warm clothing. An extra pair of socks, a warm sweater and windproof jacket are important not to get cold. 

If rain is expected, it is also smart to bring extra  pair of pants, shirt/shirt and sweater.    One can wear regular shoes, preferably with light colored soles, or boots if it rains.

What about sea sickness?

We often sail with people who have never been on a sailboat. The most frequently asked question is, “what if I get seasick?” Although we can never rule out sea sickness, we do everything we can to prevent this.

High Five is a large and heavy ship, which makes for a stable sailing experience. This is an important factor in combating seasickness. And if someone doesn’t feel well, we let them take the helm for a while as this helps combat seasickness as well. Or, we let them perform a few task that require concentration. This is the best way to get rid of the nauseous feeling quickly.

It is, however, very rare for people to get seasick during a team building event. Active sailing and performing tasks ensure that your team members don’t have time to feel sick.

Team building on a sailboat zeilboot huren Nieuwpoort België

Our network of sailboats is waiting for you

We have a network of sailboats, all stationed in Nieuwpoort, which allows us to facilitate groups of up to 100 people. 

Our network consists entirely of experienced sailors who love to share their knowledge with new crew. 

Large groups will have the chance to experience a real regatta, with several sailboats racing against each other. Your team will talk about this unforgettable day for a long time to come.

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“Was very happy with the immediate respond after looking to go on a sail and aprreciate the pick up at the train station and the drop off at the place where I stayed that night after the sail. Wish I could go on a longer sail with you guys… I love the fact you let me get involved and take the helmet… Hope to step on board and sail with High Five in the future.”


An experience you experience yourself, about which you want to tell afterwards, want to share enthusiastically. The sea, a boat, a crew… enough ingredients for a recipe that tastes like more. Thanks captain it was worth it.